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Across Boundaries

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Accredited organization providing a range of holistic mental health and addiction services for racialized communities. They employ an anti-racist, anti-Black racism, and anti-oppression framework.

Ontario structured Psychotherapy program:

Provides free therapy to individuals experiencing depression, stress, anxiety, and anxiety-related conditions.

Case management support and referrals.

Mental Health and Justice Initiative:

Provides community mental health support services, case management on the legal side, and housing services across Toronto for those involved in the criminal justice system. 3-month program.


Happy Portrait

Costs/Referral Requirements/Access


Self-Referral or care provider can submit a referral on the individual's behalf. Go through Access point intake for MHJI - Waitlist is 2 months.

Free of charge.

Languages Offered: Caribbean dialects, Shona, Harare, Xhosa, Tsonga, Somali, Swahli, Twi, Afrikaans.

Ages: 15+




For intake and program information, call:

(416) 787-3007 ext. 222


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